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All Hands On Deck


In 2011 ATEA joined the foundation's goal of bringing quality education and a brighter future to the girls in Sierra Leone. The IT company decided to become a part of the cause when one of the students from Eikeli, who was to join the foundation on their annual school trip to Sierra Leone, had a parent who worked for the company.


Interested in what the foundation was doing, they wanted to find a way that their company could contribute to creating a lasting impact on the lives of the young girls in Sierra Leone. From donating bicycles and protective gear to the PGHS girls to helping bring some of the girls on a trip to Norway, as well as joining the foundation on their annual trips, ATEA has contributed greatly to the continued growth and success of PGHS.  



As PGHS's reputation grew and more and more girls from further away wanted to attend the school, an issue arose about the living arrangements for the most vulnerable girls. Therefore, wanting to provide a solution to the problem ATEA donated the means to build a boarding home. Traveling with the foundation to open the building that would be a home to 60 PGHS girls,  the company named the boarding home " The Place to Be".  The company has been a great partner for the last seven years.






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