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 The Assembly Hall

Re-enforcing Our Community 


As always, the foundation is focused on providing the girls at PGHS with a quality education, that is both safe and accessible.

Therefore, noticing that the girls were experiencing difficulties when taking national exams such as the BECCE and ECOWAS, as these required journeys out of the village to testcenters that more often than not were ill-equppied, the decision to build an assembly hall where the girls could take their exams under better conditions was made with our partners Ullern, Eikeli & ATEA. 


Functioning both as a Learning Center & Communtiy place, the assembly hall is another unique and beneficial addition to PGHS.

Allowing for the girls to take their exams, and other tests, in a place that is both spacious and well aired, has proven to be an instrumental step in enhancing the already vibrant community of Prosperity Girls High School. 


Also acting as a gathering point where school functions, meetings, ceremonies, and parent conferences can be held has further strengthened the purpose of not just providing an education for the girls, but life long experiences that will help them go further. 

The Assembly hall, which was completed in 2016, has been authorized to serve as a center for official examinations by the government, as it an substantial hall, more well equipped than other examination facilities. This means that not only PGHS benefits from its existence, but other students in the village will no longer need to travel the long distance to sit for their entrance, or grade level, exams.

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