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The Place To Be - Again

In 2017 the boarding home for some of the most vulnerable girls at PGHS was completed, and in 2019 we welcomed 25 girls home, a feat that was one of a kind. In the subsequent 3 years, the girls thrived in their academic performance, development, and well-being. The boarding home was fulfilling the very goal that we sought to meet; with an ensured space to grow and develop, the girls would excel.


Early Sunday morning in January 2022, still recovering with the rest of the world from the aftermath of a pandemic, horrifying news was delivered to founder Alton Bendu and his wife, amplified by the screams of the girls in the background. The boarding home, their home, was on fire. As they scrambled to understand the magnitude of the situation and to ensure the safety of everyone present, years of hard work and great memories went up in flames. A vision that was hard to bear and heartbreaking to witness. 


Luckily, and to our eternal gratitude, none of the girls or staff were harmed in the devastating flames. 


Nonetheless, this was "the place to be", a safe haven, a home to our girls who had already been through so much, so the pain was palpable. As such, there was no doubt that the only thing that could be done was to rebuild the boarding home for our girls. Founder and leader Alton Bendu, has never been one to give up, and it reflected in the gracious acts of those around him, who gathered to support the restoration of this humble home. Through a fundraiser created by Tonny Johansen, on behalf of the people that Alton trains in boxing, donations from friends and acquaintances far and near poured in, in an overwhelming show of support, love, and kindness, all the things that Alton and his wife represent. In a matter of weeks, 100,000 NOK was raised towards starting the restoration of the home. 

Not one to idly stand by, Alton and his wife traveled to Rotifunk in the following months, to inspect the damages and to begin the construction, personally partaking in the rebuilding.

All the support contributed to:

The rebuilding of the roof on the second floor, which was completely burnt down.

On the ground floor, new windows were put in place, the cleaning of debris was completed, new paint was painted, and the new beds with new mattresses, mosquito nets, etc. were finished. As such, the girls were able to move in again right after the Easter holidays. The outdoor area was also newly set in place with new outdoor furniture.

Above are some pictures of the progression of the restoration of the building!  

To continue to prosper the girls need the freedom of having a safe leisurely space to enjoy their days. The place to be is continuing to live up to its name, not just because of the wonderful home it is to the girls, but through the graciousness of all who come together to support it. 

We are extremely grateful for the donations from ALL, big and small. You are all wonderful! Now the girls are once again enjoying their home. 

Early Boarding Home Images

These pictures show our progress from the very start until the end, with representatives from ATEA, alongside Alton Bendu standing proudly in front of "The Place To Be".  The girls are thrilled to see this dream come to life.

Solar Lamps Donated from Haraldsvang School

Wanting to be a part of a brighter future for our girls, PGHS received solar panels that Haraldsvang school kindly donated funds to acquire, to provide both the school and boarding home with light.

Harladsvang also provided solar lamps to each of our girls, so that they could have light at home, making it easier for them to study and do homework away from school.

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