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Lungi Primary School

The Beginning

There are many villages with children in dire need of education in Sierra Leone, and as the foundation strives to help as best as it can, funds do not always allow it to do so. Therefore, the news that Lions Arendal agreed to support the building of a new school in Lungi, a small coastal town in Port Loko District, in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone, was a joyous one. 


We are extremely grateful to Lions Arendal for making it possible for the foundation to be able to contribute to what will become a life-changing event for many children, amidst such an unstable time in the world. 

As the foundation, in partnership with Lions Arendal, enters this exciting, and at times challenging, start phase of a new project we will update the site with images and information as the building comes to life. 

As of July, the third phase of our building process was completed (see images below). Soon to be the cornerstone of education in Lungi for more than 200 children, we are proud to have come this far. Pending the development of the current COVID-19 pandemic, amenities to begin the next phase, furnishing the school, will be sent to Lungi as soon as possible. An exciting time lies ahead for many. 

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III

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