Reaching Goals Together

Through a personal friend of Alton Bendu, Geir Mortensen, Lions Club Arendal heard about the foundations' goal to restore and rebuild Rotifunk Hospital. Intrigued and wanting to see how they could be of help, they were introduced to Alton, and in 2006 two representatives from Lions Arendal, Kjell Tore Andersen and Arne Husebye joined Alton to Sierra Leone. 
The trip contributed to igniting the passion and perseverance that Lions Arendal showed for the restoration of the hospital. From planning a concert, which Norwegian artists such as Tone Damli Aaberg, Gaute Ormåsen, and Christian Ingebretsen partook in, in order to raise funds to rebuild the operation theater, which was given the name Arendal, to donating funds each year until the completion of the hospital, the club was there every step of the way. 



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