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The Place To Be

In 2017 we announced the completion of a boarding home for some of the girls who were most vulnerable at PGHS. In 2019 we welcomed girls home, and now we are proud to share the continuous strides that we’ve made to ensure a safe environment for our girls. The, now, 24 girls at the boarding home are thriving. It is reflected in their academic performance that with an ensured space to grow and develop, they can excel. 

Not only do they have activities to enjoy inside their home, the large court that was made outside along with sitting huts, allow them to have fun in a safe setting outside too. To continue to prosper the girls need the freedom of having a safe leisurely space to enjoy their days. 

We have, with the sponsorship of ATEA -IT company, further strengthened the boarding home, by truly ensuring that the girls have access to proper meals, - a new kitchen has been completed-  rest, sanitation, and proper care by a matron who ensures the girls needs are met. Its with pride that we announce that the girls now have running, clean, water in at the house. For our girls, this has been a fascinating feat. Although a commonality in more fortunate countries, it is not the norm for our girls who are situated in a village where 24-hour electricity is not seen, so the joys chants that our girls let out at the sight of running water from showers, faucets, and lavatories were both exhilarating and motivational. 

The place to be is living up to its name as the first and only boarding home in Bumpeh Chiefdom, with solar power, electricity 24/7, as well as running clean water. 

We are also extremely grateful for the donations from ATEA, Erna&Knut Eng Childrens Foundation, as well as Ullern, to the rebuilding of the fences that were torn down by the vivacious storm in Rotifunk. Now the girls are once again enjoying their privacy and security, with reinforced fences. 


To have a full insight to our process from the start to where we are now, please refer to the bottom of this page, where pictures of the various stages will be shown. Press them to view. 

Early Boarding Home Images

These pictures show our progress from the very start until the end, with representatives from ATEA, alongside Alton Bendu standing proudly in front of "The Place To Be".  The girls are thrilled to see this dream come to life.

Solar Lamps Donated from Haraldsvang School

Wanting to be a part of a brighter future for our girls, PGHS received solar panels that Haraldsvang school kindly donated funds to acquire, to provide both the school and boarding home with light.

Harladsvang also provided solar lamps to each of our girls, so that they could have light at home, making it easier for them to study and do homework away from school.

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