The Place To Be

We are proud to announce that the boarding home is now completed. The pictures show our progress from the very start until the end, with representatives from ATEA, alongside Alton Bendu standing proudly in front of "The Place To Be".  The girls are thrilled to see this dream come to life. As the boarding home is furnished more pictures will be posted. 


Wanting to be a part of a brighter future for our girls, PGHS received solar panels that Haraldsvang school kindly donated funds to acquire, to provide both the school and boarding home with light.

Harladsvang also provided solar lamps to each of our girls, so that they could have light at home, making it easier for them to study and do homework away from school. 

The solar panels have been delivered and installed to provide a sustainable source of energy for the boarding home.


We are proud to be the first and only school in the Bumpeh Chiefdom that has solar panels.


To view more pictures press the photo above.

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