The Ebola Outbreak

One thousand five hundred poor households in communities around Lumley, Waterloo, Wellington, Magborka, Rotifunk and Lungi suburbs have benefited from The Rice Distribution Project implemented by the Foundation.


The purpose of the project has been to support the government in its inclusive fight to end the stories of Ebola before April this year. According to Plan International, one of the biggest challenges in the face of the Ebola epidemic is the lack of access to food, this is especially felt in many of the quarantined districts where the lack of food has led to starvation.


Communities around Lumley, Waterloo, Lungi suburbs, and Rotifunk were the prime beneficiaries of this humanitarian gesture.

Distribution commenced in the early weeks of February, and by strict guidelines from the foundation, only registered homes benefitted from the distribution to avoid clustering of people, in an effort to prevent gatherings in the Public State of Emergency.


Furthermore, the lack of equipment to properly fight Ebola was another problem that Sierra Leone faced. Therefore, in an effort to support the government, the organization sent down a 20 ft container with ca 21,000 masks and 5400 protective gowns from Stavanger hospital, acquired with help from Marit Myrland. In addition to that, ca 12 000 liters of chlorine, as well as gloves and antibacterial substances, were packed into the container, by students from Eikeli and Ullern, family and friends, over the course of one week to combat the spread of the deadly virus. With generous donations from private individuals as well as our partners, the organization was able to fill the container to its fullest. 


Atea IT-company, Ullern, Eikeli, Erna & Knut Eng, Trygve Hegnar, as well as Lions Arendal, Lions Snarøya, and Lions Rustad, are among the donors who generously contributed to our project.





In 2017, terrible mudslides took the lives of thousands of Sierra Leoneans as a result of heavy rains that were unlike any other raining season in Sierra Leone before. The mudslides left a shocking number of people without their homes, loved ones, and food. 


Amidst the shocking death toll, that was at the time, still rising, as well as the number of missing people, the Foundation wanted to help provide food for the those affected by this horrible catastrophe. Therefore, the rice project was re-opened in order to distribute rice to the people of Sierra Leone.


Through fundraising, as well as donations from partners, friends, and private individuals, FNSL was able to donate over 1000 bags of rice to those in need. 



Mudslide Catastrophy

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