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Diamond Queen Primary School 

School Supplies

Children living in poverty experience a lack of material, spiritual and emotional resources they need to survive, develop and thrive.


A certain income does not necessarily mean that a household has all it needs to provide a good start in life for a child. That is why it is important to focus on multidimensional child poverty measures that look beyond income and focus on whether children face deprivations to a range of their basic rights such as health, education, information, nutrition, shelter, water, and sanitation. 


When children are deprived of these rights in the first years of their life it can limit their potential for physical, intellectual and emotional development. In turn, many children grow up without the opportunity to be healthy and educated and to feel safe and confident.


Nearly 30 meters down the road from where we live when visiting Sierra Leone lies a tiny tin school consisting of only one classroom which is shared between six different classes at the same time. The little local school is run by a strong woman named Melrose, she started the school for the poor children in the area of our little community. For several years now we have been donating school materials, unable to promise anything more because we wanted to assure we reached a certain level with our two ongoing projects before we could dedicate our full time to a new one. 


For four years now we have had students who just graduated from Ullern and Eikeli, as well as other interested graduating students from different schools and universities, travel to Sierra Leone to work at prosperity and experience Sierra Leone, staying from 1 - 3 months. In the last three years, the graduates have been working at Diamond queen as well.

Thank you to EMO for all of the school materials that they have donated not only to Diamond Queen and our girls, but to many other children through the foundation. ​

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