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Coming Together

In 2007 the foundation was contacted by Ullern senior secondary school, they had, through tv and various news sources, heard about Alton Bendu, and the projects that the foundation was doing. Eager to find a new way to motivate their students in participating in the obligatory "OD-Dagen", a day when schools throughout Norway have their students work a day to raise funds for humanitarian organizations. However, often times the students do not participate due to the fact that after giving in the required sum of 200kr (approximately 17USD) they often did not get any more information of how the money was used, only that it went to a humanitarian cause. Noticing the decline in participants Ullern choose to find a project that they could take a more active role in. 


A requirement the organization made to Ullern was that the students themselves traveled to Sierra Leone and saw what the funds they were raising were going to.


Together they decided to build an all-girls high school. Soon after Eikeli senior secondary school joined,  agreeing to the same requirements of traveling to Sierra Leone. It has been a successful partnership for almost 10 years now with unforgettable trips.




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