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Alton Bendu Rescues over five Hundred Pupils… Providing bundles of zinc to reroof Bumpeh Academy

Alton Bendu, a Sierra Leonean philanthropist residing in Norway, has once again come to the giving end by donating bundles of zinc to Bumpeh Academy Senior Secondary School following a disastrous storm that unroofed the building to leave it barely open to the sky.

The sick and weak refer to him as caregiver; the farmers called him the dawn of yielding fruits; the poor and the neglect have chosen to name him the father of the speechless; girls whose fates were designed to roam the farm and retire to child-bearing have crowned him their hero as one who lives a selfless life to instill permanent change by holding back the declining peak of human standards.

The storm of late May that crashed down the falling walls of poor homes in Rotifunk could not show mercy to Bumpeh Academy Secondary School. The turbulent wind filled up the roof and, with a pressure behind, raised it in suspense and punched the wooden rafter to hurtle at a distance nearby. The very morning provoked a never-ending rage of grieve as onlookers including students exchanged comments of finality.

When activist Ben Alpha Mansaray launched a campaign for donation, Alton Bendu, a philanthropist, came onboard strongly and offered bundles of zinc and packets of nails to rescue over five hundred pupils whose fates were on the line.

In words of compliments and appreciation, Helen Bangura, a pupil of the Bumpeh Academy, thanked Alton Bendu and others who have shown up to help and prayed that things continue to improve for them. She extended thanks to Erna and Knut Engh Children Foundation for supporting Alton Bendu to do the donation.

Statements made by chiefdom authorities and other community elders including the Principal of Bumpeh Academy were full of praises for Alton Bendu who has continued to demonstrate love for the suffering ones. The intervention of Alton Bendu has inspired other indigenes to chip in with Emma Simbo among the very few.

Meanwhile, this donation is one among the support Alton Bendu has given to people and institutions. In a bid to protect children from falling in the hands of rapists and kidnappers in a countryside where hope is drenched in the ditch, he has also provided safe-drinking water to Rotifunk to mark his second major support to the township since the beginning of this year.

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