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Norway’s Greatest Strength Test… Alton Bendu finishes 45-mile race to support poor Rural Girls

Alton Bendu, a Sierra Leonean philanthropist residing in Norway, on Saturday finished a forty-five mile bicycle race in the Oslo Greatest Strength Test to support poor rural girls in the country.

The event, which is organized each year, brought together five thousand people from respective establishments, with Atea alone sending around six hundred of its workers to compete in a race involving people from different backgrounds and expectations.

To demonstrate his zest to helping poor rural girls while sustaining a sprain in the knee and back, fifty-three-year-old Alton Bendu, a man who has given lots to charity, finished the forty-five mile bicycle race in three hours to earn medal to proceed with the Prosperity Girls High School Project which supports poor girls whose fates for education remain bleak.

The longest distance in this effort is three hundred and forty miles, which Alton once covered at age 21 spending twenty-three hours. The second stage is hundred miles with the last being fifty miles.

In a breathy voice, Alton Bednu said he took part in the race purely to attract help from Atea IT Company that has always been around. He said his family members supported people who participated by giving them water and comforting them as they passed cycling to destination.

This move is one among many activities Alton Bendu has taken part to help the poor and the neglect at home. Former Norwegian heavyweight Boxer himself, he has donated thousands of sporting wears to associations including the Sierra Leone Karate Federation, the Sierra Leone Judo Association, the Army Boxing Team and the Sierra Leone Boxing Association.

Known for being on the charity end, Alton Bendu has been given different heroic names to match his selfless attitude to serving humanity.

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