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An Experience of a Lifetime

We take great pride in the relationship that we have with our partners, built on transparency, respect and a will to better the lives of those who are in need. Therefore, we encourage all of our sponsors and partners alike, to come and see the changes that they are contributing to, it is as rewarding for them to witness the real tangible results of their hard work and donations, as it is for the foundation and the people to meet the ones who are making progress possible. A story is only complete once both sides are united, and it gives us great joy to foster this unification.

Earlier in March of 2020, before the pandemic hit, students from Ullern Videregående Skole in Oslo, Norway made their way to Sierra Leone, to visit PGHS, which they have been doing since their participation in founding the all girl school, in 2008. This is the joyous video that was created documenting their experience of the country ,the people, and the girls at PGHS. A journey that all parties involved will never forget.



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