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As the organization continues to welcome its partners to Sierra Leone; Ullern & Eikeli secondary school in Feburary, followed by members from Lions Club, and then employees from ATEA, it also strives towards the completion of the community hall - built for the girls and the people of Rotifunk to have place that celebrates and encourages community engagement, in their everyday life and that of our girls.

This trip our founder Alton Bendu, and our partners from ATEA took a hands on approach in the process of creating this valuable building. Picking up brushes, Alton and ATEA employees used their time in Rotifunk, in spite of the heat, to assist in the painting of our community hall.

FNSL is proud of the participation, eagerness, and commitment that our partners have in not only supporting our projects through donations, but in actively engaging with them to ensure their completion.

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